OLX PRO is a tool that makes it easy to work with a large number of ads: you can import and export them all in one CSV file. Expand the range of products to be more visible to customers and increase sales throughout Ukraine.

Why it is worth using

Accelerates work

OLX PRO allows you to download and upload the desired ads, as well as edit them (for example, set a new price or add a photo).

Activating, deactivating, deleting, or connecting ads to dozens or hundreds of your OLX posts at once is just one action.

It is convenient to look for goods

Search for them by name, ad number, article from your CRM system or vendor.

Built-in ad editor

Create an ad file right on OLX without using Excel, Google Spreadsheets or other tools, or check the finished file you have.

How do I access OLX Pro?

OLX Pro functionality (export / import / bulk ad editing) is available for Premium and Mega users in all categories.

Once you’ve purchased one of the aforementioned ad packages in your account, an additional Ad Import / Export button will appear in “My ads new version” tab (if you select from the correct category list).


How to use OLX Pro functionality

How to export ads - Step by step instructions

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How to import ads - Step by step instructions

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Read the instructions on how to work with the CSV file

Buy the PREMIUM package and enjoy all the benefits of OLX PRO

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