OLX Real Estate is a leading category in the Ukrainian market by of the number of ads, efficiency and awareness. To rent or buy an object, customers first come to our platform.

A large number of offers, their relevance and ease of use – all this provides replies to your ads.

Current programs in real estate

Want to sell or rent? Your customers are already here: when asked where to search for real estate, users first name OLX. Just place your ad.

Why is it worth to place ads?

For 90% of Ukrainians, this is the main platform for finding real estate For 90% of Ukrainians, this is the main platform for finding real estate
More than 436 thousand real estate ads More than 436 thousand real estate ads
57% of replies are on OLX 57% of replies are on OLX

OLX Real Estate in figures

5,2 million

visitors per month

96,8 million

ad views per month

1,6 million

replies on ads per month

7,2 million

search queries per month


We created special packages for realtors and agencies. You will be able to place real estate ads, as well as get additional opportunities to more effectively promote your offers and stand out from the competition.

After purchasing any of the packages on OLX Real Estate, you will get access to the business page. Fill it out to share information about your services and benefits for buyers or tenants.

Attract more customers

Learn all about advertising on OLX and promote your ads

How to get more replies

Create an effective ad
The ad on OLX has 4 main components: Title, Photo, Price, Description.

1. In the title it is necessary to specify: Type of transaction, Type of real estate, Number of rooms, Exact address.

2. The photo should convey a general idea of ​​the apartment, correspond to the object. High-quality, clear high-resolution photos are required..

3. Market price is the key to successful sale of the apartment. High price will repel the customer. Low price will cause suspicion about the truthfulness of the ad.

4. The characteristics of the object must be accurate in the description. If you select all filters, the ad will 100% be listed in search results of the buyers and tenants. The description should be clear and structured.
Set up a branded business page
After purchasing an ad package you will have the opportunity to fill out a business page and grow more effectively on the platform. Provide key facts about your business, explain why it is worth buying or renting real estate with you. The more information, the stronger the trust of users.
Promote your ad
Use the platform's promotional tools to attract more customers. The most effective way to promote yourself is with the help of advertising kits: with them you save time and money. Each category on OLX has peak days and hours when users are most active. You can learn this information from your personal manager.
Be customer oriented
Don't miss a single call or message. Politely answer the questions you are asked. Pleasant communication increases the chances of a deal and helps to get positive feedback. It is very important to answer chats and calls as quickly as possible and to call back when needed.
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Popular questions

  • What is the difference between the packages “Start”, “Premium”, “Mega”?

    Each of them gives you the opportunity to create a business page and open your own OLX Store. All three packages are valid for 30 days. The key difference is the additional benefits you will receive after the purchase.


    For example, with the Start package, you can add a company logo to your business page and access 60-day ad statistics.


    With the “Premium” package you will receive a business page of an updated format, you will be able to download a banner, and in the mobile app buyers will see only your ads, not the offers of competitors. The package includes three auto pushups of each ad on the 7th, 14th and 21st day of the month. You also get access to ad statistics for 90 days.


    The Mega package has the same advantages as the Premium package. Its main difference is the ability to publish ads in several categories, not just one.

  • How long does an ad in a package last?

    30 days after publication on OLX. Also, during this period, you should use all the ads in the package, otherwise they will “burn”. Unused placements cannot be moved over to the next month.


    Therefore, always choose a package with the optimal number of ads for you. You can see how many placements are left in the package and their validity period in your OLX profile in the “Business Page Settings” tab.

  • How much is a package of placements?

    The price depends on the category, its popularity, the average cost of goods in it and the number of ads. Follow the link – all prices for ad packages can be found there.

  • How to choose advertising services on OLX?

    You can choose both individual advertising services and ready promotional kits.


    “Easy Start” is the perfect way to try out how OLX paid services work and evaluate their effectiveness. There is one service in the set – TOP ads for 3 days. Your proposal will be placed in a special dedicated block above all others.


    “Quick sale” – the most popular advertising set among users. The best option for price and efficiency. The set includes the following services: TOP ads for 7 days and three automatic pushups in the general list – 2, 4 and 6 days after purchase.


    “Turbo sales” – the set allows you to reach the maximum number of users in Ukraine. It includes three services: TOP ads for 30 days, 9 automatic pushups in the general list 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 and 27 days after purchase, VIP-ads (placement on the main page OLX) for 7 days.


  • How does the advertising service “Placement in the TOP” differ from “Pushup”?

    “Placement in the TOP” is the publication of an ad for the sale of goods in a special dedicated block above all others. The ad is also displayed in the regular list. And “Pushup” is a one-time lift of the ad up the general list.


    “Placement in the TOP” allows you to stay in the top positions much longer: three days – with a set of “Easy Start”, seven – with “Quick Sale” and 30 – with “Turbo Sale”.

  • How to choose the right category in “Real Estate”?

    To find out which ads to place in a particular category in OLX Real Estate, follow the link and select the appropriate tab.

  • How do I renew a real estate ad if it’s removed because of being irrelevant?

    If you want to confirm the reality or relevance of your offer, send us in the chat two new photos with a printed ad number and date of shooting on the background of the property from different angles. The object must be recognizable.

  • Why can’t I duplicate ads?

    This is a violation of the publishing rules on OLX. In addition, duplicate ads do not help to sell faster – they only “clog” the platform and harm all entrepreneurs. After all, buyers have to spend a lot of time to find the right offer among the same ads. As a result, users are upset and lose interest in OLX.

  • I have two active packages – “Start” and “Premium”. From which will the ad be removed when I post it on OLX?

    “Minus one” will be in the package you bought first.

  • How does the “Recommended for you” issue work?

    “Recommended for you” displays those ads that are most likely to interest the user: they best meet their request, location, relevant and popular among other buyers.


    Relevance, i.e. the “fresh” date of publication, can be maintained with the advertising service “Pushup”. After its activation the ad rises to the top of the list as if you had just placed it.


    It also increases the number of views and replies – this increases the popularity of the ad. Accurate title, detailed product description, quality photos – all this also affects the popularity of your offer on OLX.

  • How do I automatically extend my ads?

    Auto-renewal is available to all users in the updated version of My Ads in the OLX profile. When creating a publication, you will see the “Extend” button.


    If you want your offer to be displayed on our platform for another 30 days, click on it. You can also enable (or disable) autoextend for already published ads in the updated My Ads version.

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