More than 1 million new ads are published on OLX every day. Promote your ads to keep your products visible for as long as possible and to find buyers from all over Ukraine as quickly as possible.

Learn how promotion on OLX works

Top ads

Placement in a special block above the regular ads
Your proposal will remain at the top of the search results list while regular ads would be going down.

It is to your choice how many days the ad will last in the TOP. It will be on top for 3 days with the "Easy Start" set, 7 days - with "Quick Sale" and 30 days - with "Turbo Sale". The service can also be ordered separately - for 7 or 30 days.

Top ads are highlighted in color and displayed randomly. If you don't see your ad at the moment, other users are viewing it.

All of the top ads are also available in the list of regular ads.

Push up

The ad goes up to the top of the list as if you had just posted it
Ads on OLX are placed by publication date. This means that every day your offer will go lower and lower in the list.

You can use the Push up service to get it up again. It is available in the "Quick Sale" (3 automatic pushups to the top of the list) and "Turbo Sales" sets (9 pushups).

The service can also be ordered separately - once or for 7 days.

VIP ad

The most prestigious ad placement is on the OLX homepage
Your offer will receive many times more replies than regular ads as it will be located on the main OLX page which has about 1.5 million views daily!

The service can be activated for 7 days separately or in the "Turbo sale" set (also for 7 days). The package offer also includes the services "Push up" 9 times and "TOP ads" for 30 days.

All VIP ads are also available in the regular ads list.

How to order paid services on OLX

Promote your ads on OLX by yourself or with a manager.

You can order promotion for your ad while posting it or later – at any convenient time

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